Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Stephen Petranek counts down to Armageddon

In his TED talk, Stephen Petranek urges us to consider, and fund, solutions to problems other than terrorism. (transcript here: http://www.ted.com/talks/stephen_petranek_counts_down_to_armageddon.html) Visualising possibilities like these, and the potential solutions, is perfect territory for Southbeach. This is why consultants, including risk analysts and futures analysts, are finding Southbeach an effective way not only to communicate ideas, but to propose solutions.

Here, we show two models developed from Petranek's text. The first illustrates his central assertion. The second illustrates the solution he proposes to problem #10 - rising depression. In the first model, a notable feature is the use of box size to signify disproportionate attention to terror and associated funding. In the second, a grid is used to show the different aspects of this assertion on lack of mental health services. This 'separation' clarifies the model instantly, something which is unique to Southbeach notation. Commonly used by consultants, separation techniques coupled with cause-effect modelling is highly effective at illustrating competing views or aspects of a situation.