Monday, 27 April 2009

Potential of 'ideation' in the enterprise

This model shows the top 5 benefits of 'ideation' (large scale collaborative problem-solving using tools like Imaginatik's Idea Central). As companies come to understand these benefits, it raises an issue they must focus on - how to take advantage of the capability ideation provides. They must understand the tool has no value in the absense of appropriate business challenges. If the company can be proactive and set ideation challenges, they will enjoy proactive participation from staff. If they can turn this participation into results (our goal) via the idea development, evaluation and conclusion process, this will amplify the organization's willingness to set more challenges, generating more results. This virtuous circle is what empowers every well-founded ideation program.

This model illustrates two new features in the coming release of Southbeach Modeller. A grouping box has been used to highlight the benefits of ideation. An 'issue' lozenge shape has been used to highlight the question that enterprise's must ask themselves.

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