Friday, 4 December 2009

Southbeach templates for your methodology

This model illustrates the questions to be asked, and the model templates to be developed, if one was starting out to develop a Southbeach 'kit' (set of abstract and 'starter' models) to support an existing methodology. The output of the exercise would be a set of Southbeach template models of two types:

1. Models to illustrate the approach, phases, steps and activities of the methodology itself. This would help communicate the methodology to the client and delivery team. They could be adapted for different engagements. Improvements gathered from each engagement would be integrated back into the master set.

2. Abstract models, to support the development of 'work products'.

An abstract models is effectively a 'visual check list' - which can be brought into a workshop, and, through model elaboration and changing the text of agents, converted to a specific model.

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