Saturday, 10 May 2008


This model says: Adding someone new to a team produces the change needed to overcome insufficient collaboration between other team members. At the same time, a new policy is introduced, its effect being to make it harder to build internal collaborations between different business units – silos are created removing valuable possible collaborations.

Here are other similar examples:

  • A team is working well, but a new manager with different goals has a negative impact on processes that continue to need to work well
  • A knowledge management system creates more and more examples of reuse occurring across the company
  • A team is working together well – but the effect of the collaboration (the output) is consumed by an organizational structure and value set that does not recognize the value of innovation that occurs outside of top down planned projects
  • A marketing program for innovation success stories stores the effects of innovation in a way that creates momentum for further investment in the innovation program

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