Thursday, 13 September 2018

Brexit - Hierachy of Concerns

We are modelling various aspects of Brexit, the UK's decision to leave the jurisdiction of the EU political union but to remain a strong friend and ally of all European sovereign nations.  So far we have developed ten models on various aspects of the debate. Our aim is to refine these models and then integrate them in order to find the 'root contradictions' at the heart of the Brexit debate. 

In this model we show examples of the concerns of both brexiteers and remainers at three levels: national level, business, and dailylife.  The model uses a grid, formally separated as 'aspect' and 'perspective'. Some relationships between them are shown.  Notice how, for many brexiteers, national issues take precedence over the disruption to daily life which the media continue to remind us is what is at stake. Largely, the remain camp is concerned with the status quo, continuity of 40 years of EU integration, something they take great pride in. 

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