Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Brexit - A Remain Argument

Brexit, the UK's decision to leave the jurisdiction of the EU political union but to remain a strong friend and ally of all European sovereign nations, is a near-perfect topic for exploring Southbeach Notation and TRIZ problem solving. The notation's ability to represent all viewpoints, given that there are so many predictions of the effects of Brexit on both sides of the debate, is a powerful way to communicate arguments and point to possible solutions.

We have been playing with a variety of models of Brexit from both sides of the argument. In this model a possible 'Remain' argument is presented. The focus of the model is the inevitability of the connected world with the goal of creating economic benefit for all. Whether or not you personally believe the EU has achieved this is not the point. The model shows one argument for the UK to remain an influential member of the EU, from the perspective of trade and commerce.

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