Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Brexit - Life is emotional

We are modelling various aspects of Brexit, the UK's decision to leave the jurisdiction of the EU political union but to remain a strong friend and ally of all European sovereign nations. The referendum vote, we believe, distorted by emotional factors. In reality, the UK was leaving a legal system, not 'Europe' or collaboration with other nations and people. The 'EU' is a political union far beyond it's roots as a trading block. Increasing politicisation of the union was, in part, the reason the UK held a referendum. But having decided to hold one, a raft of emotional (non-legal, non-political) factors weighed in how people voted. Here will illustrate some of those factors.

The model is drawn from the perspective of those who voted to remain. The model is hypothetical of course and is not based on any survey or focus group. The topics were gathered from new stories that reflected the remain camp's viewpoint.

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